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As hard as it might seem to believe, it's already time to start thinking about your holiday greeting cards. We know you consider your pet a valuable member of your family, so why not sign up for our photo shoot fundraiser on Saturday, October 22? Between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., you will have the opportunity to dress your pet in an adorable Santa outfit to pose for a holiday photo. We are offering several different background choices and styles of cards.

We are pleased to have a special offer available for our customers this year. When you buy one set of cards, you get the second for half price. Your pet's adorable picture is on the front of the card with a variety of design choices for the back of the card. You also have the option of adding the names of each member of your family along with a short personal message. You have several font options to choose from as well.

About Helping Hands, Helping Paws
The proceeds from this fundraiser benefit Helping Hands, Helping Paws. This is our own non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to pet owners facing unexpected medical expenses. These pets all have a good long-term prognosis for survival, but could just use some extra help recovering from their illness or injury. 

When you think about how important your own pets are to your family, it's easy to understand why we provide this service to our clients. Everybody wins with our photo shoot fundraiser. You get a professional photo of your pet to send to family and friends this holiday season and pet owners can get them the medical help they need to live a long and happy life.

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Inara is an almost 5 year old long-hair Calico mix.  Amber had wanted a cat after graduating college and having a stable home for one.  When she saw Inara on a local Twin Cities humane society page, she knew right away that she was going to be her cat.  Upon meeting Inara, Amber saw that she was very sociable and playful with a loving personality.  Inara likes to knock everything over on tables, greet EVERYBODY that walks in the front door, and curl up in her favorite spot on the couch.

One of our favorite stories about Inara is when we were cleaning out our bathroom closet, we left the closet unattended for a short period of time, came back and put things away, closing the door.  A few hours later, we heard meowing but couldn't figure out where it was coming from.  We searched for ten minutes to find the source, only to find that it had come from the closet, where Inara had snuck into when we were not watching (she knows she is not supposed to be in the bathroom!)

River is a 6 year old tabby.  She was adopted at the same time as Inara from the same humane society.  When Amber was working on paperwork for Inara, Tim had mentioned that there was a "one cat adoption fee, get a second cat free" and how that was a "financially responsible way" to go about getting two cats.  Amber looked around the cats, and was drawn to the quietest and one of the smallest cats at the shelter.  Amber took her to a visiting room, and found out that she was also one of the sweetest.  River is a mommy's girl through and through - whenever she hears Amber's voice she comes running.  She is very shy and quiet still, but Inara and River quickly formed a very strong friendship.  River loves to cuddle with Amber and watch the birds out of the windows during the warm months.  Our favorite story about River was when Amber was doing laundry downstairs, and when she was finished came upstairs and couldn't find River.  She looked everywhere for River but could not find her.  She went downstairs to see if she had snuck down there, and when Amber got down there she heard meowing coming from the basement ceiling!  River had accessed the drop ceiling through a storage room, and there was no other way to access her.  Amber was afraid and called Tim, and as Tim ran home from work early to save River, River came out on her own, and looked at Amber as if nothing had happened and everything was alright.  Thankfully she was unharmed, but it made for a fun story (and a new policy to always leave that door shut).

Dax is a 7 year old Siamese-Snowshoe mix.  He was adopted from a local Twin Cities rescue group where he had been in a foster home for the last six months.  Tim was feeling left out as the cats gravitated towards Amber, and Tim wanted a cat of his own.  Tim found Dax through the shelter's website, and his "grumpy cat persona" immediately drew him in.  When Tim met him at the shelter, Dax was drawn to him too.  He was not happy about the kitty carrier, and went straight to Tim for help!  Dax was the final "missing piece" of our family puzzle.  Dax is the rambunctious one, who is always looking for a playmate in his two sisters, whether they want one or not.  Dax also loves catnip and can be content with a fresh toy for hours.  There is never a dull moment with Dax, and some of our favorite moments with him have been finding him in unusually high places where we can't figure out how he got up there on his own!  From the cabinet above the fridge to the tallest furniture or shelves, no obstacle is too high for Dax!

While the cats do not much enjoy being put in a crate or the car ride to AWC, the staff and in particular Dr. Ambrose always make them feel safe and at ease.  Dax loves going in the blanket-sack and Inara loves all the additional attention, while River is along for the ride. Thank you AWC for being so kind and caring towards all three of them - we know they are in good hands with you!

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Hi everyone!  Mali here.  I’m a 6-year old fawn boxer that Mommy says is going to live forever, because she and Daddy can’t imagine a life without me.  I am so honored to have been chosen as a featured puppy of the month! 

Mommy says I have the best life.  I go to work every day with her and Dad.  We own a company that provides transportation to the elderly and disabled humans who live all over the Twin Cities.  There are even puppies who ride our buses to help some of the humans who have disabilities!  I do more “office work” than those puppies, though.  In fact, my official title is “Chief Stress Reliever,” and my bio is finally on our company website!  I make sure that the whole office staff is greeted every morning, and my keen intuition tells me when someone needs a “Mali snuggle” during a stressful day. I go to the bank with Daddy every day, too.  I know when he says “bank,” that nap time is over, and he needs my help!  Sometimes I lie out in the middle of the hallway – belly up – and just wait until one of Mommy and Daddy’s employees comes by with a belly rub.  I need some stress relief sometimes, too!

Outside of my professional career, I love long walks, lying in the sun, helping Mommy in the kitchen as her “taste-tester” and travelling with Mommy and Daddy.  The best trip we’ve taken was to Big Sky, Montana this summer!  We hiked in the real mountains, I got to play in the mountain streams and we even saw a bear in our backyard!  I couldn’t stop crying at it!  I also love being as close to my pack as possible at all times – sleeping in Mommy’s legs at night and napping ON Daddy on the weekends.  I think my proudest moment was when I walked down the aisle as Mommy’s Maid of Honor.  I was so excited, that I barked just once in the middle of the ceremony, because I just couldn’t contain my excitement about us all getting married! Oh, and I’m a foodie just like Mom and Dad.  My favorites are pumpkin, sweet potatoes, filet mignon, fresh salmon and sushi.  Daddy says I have champagne taste on a kibble budget.

Needless to say, I lucked out when Mommy and Daddy came to see me and my brothers and sisters at my birth mom’s house.  When they walked in, I knew two suckers when I saw them.  I walked away from my pack as they romped around together, and headed straight over to my future furever Mommy.  I just sat down and looked up at her with the sweetest face I could make (trying to minimize my cone head as much as possible).  She immediately picked me up and I knew I had a “fish on!”  I sealed the deal when she gave me to my future Daddy. I looked up at him, gave him one lick right on his nose and snuggled right into his chest.  At that moment, these two were toast…and the rest is history. 

My Mommy, Daddy and I owe a lot to our friends at the AWC.  Besides going to “school” when I was just a puppy (Jenny taught me everything I know in puppy kindergarten and obedience class!) and taking agility one summer with Daddy, I had a pretty rough start.  When I was little, I had food allergies, ear infections and skin infections.  Then came my environmental allergies and a few minor injuries.  Then the tough stuff started with my first mast cell tumor.  My Mommy was very upset and cried a lot, but that Dr. Ambrose, with her compassion, confidence and hugs got us all through it!  We went through two more mast cell tumors and three more surgeries all in the course of a year. We constantly felt the love from everyone from Alyssa and Janet at the front desk to Katie’s behind the scenes snuggles, kisses and boxer love!  Dr. Moyer played a part in getting me back to my silly self, too! Mommy says my scars give me street cred! 

Without Dr. Ambrose, Katie and company, I wouldn’t be the healthy boxer that I am today…thank you, AWC!  WE LOVE YOU!

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Some of you may remember Zander, the cat that was a stray brought to us with a total urinary blockage. Dr. Elliott stayed late into the night to get Zander unblocked and on the road to recovery. He stayed with us for almost a month, running the clinic and supervising the doctors. He stole all of our hearts and we are so happy to see him happily in his new home, 1 year later with wonderful owners who make sure to keep us updated on this wonderful boy.

We are so blessed that the Animal Wellness Center decided to operate on Zander and take him in to recuperate. We had just lost our sweet girl Marina after having her for nearly 18 years and were broken hearted. Just a couple of weeks later we saw the post about Zander and how he needed a home that would be able to make sure he had the appropriate medical care and feed him prescription cat food. When we saw him and realized it was the same food that Pumpkin had to get, we knew he was meant for us. We met him and brought him home and it was a battle from the first day, but we knew we would not give up on them getting along. Now the two of them tag team mom and dad waking us up to feed them, sometimes share a chair together and actually miss each other after time apart.

Pumpkin was also a rescue kitty. Nathan and I were recently married and visiting my parents in northern Wisconsin when their neighbor called. The neighbor went on to say that this little cat had followed their dog home from out in the woods. They are allergic to cats (so are we) so we said we would come get him. He was only about 4-5 weeks old and super dirty. He slept the entire night between my ear and shoulder, purring. He grew up with his "cousin", my sister's English toy spaniel, on 2 occasions getting concussions from "rough-housing". Neither one of us would have ever thought we were cat people, but these two boys are full of personality and love. Thank you for taking such great care of them.

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Cassie is a 10 year old Golden Retriever. We purchased Cassie from a local pet store. She was the last pup, and was so sweet we just had to bring her home. Cassie's favorite things include her adopted sister Mollie, swimming in the lake, and rolling in the dirt; especially after a bath. She also loves her Grandpa who will come over and let her out on days I am out and about. He has learned to hide his gloves as they will disappear as soon as they are put down.

My favorite story about Cassie is how she loves to over take any floatation device, whether it is being used by a human or not. She now has her very own. When Cassie was a pup was diagnosed with a heart murmur which was detected after we got her. She has had surgery to remove a bottle cap that she swallowed and was treated for chronic pain in her back leg joint. This resulted in the removal of this leg; pathology later determined there was cancer. She was recently diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia and is on medication to control it. She loves coming to AWC and knows the routine; she will not pass the front desk without getting weighed. She is our Miracle Dog and has been through a lot.

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