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female Mutt

Favorite Activities:

Chez loves to swim, chase small furry annimals, play with soft stuffed animal like squeeky toys. Basking in the sun or sitting on the porch taking in the scenery. She likes to go for walks and running and on ocation down a slide at a playground. She's almost twelve but often accused of being just a puppy!

What My Pet Means to Me:

She puts a smile on my face everyday and often it's hard to leave and go to work. She's always happy to see me, snuggle, play or just hang out. She's the unconditional love that will never betray me except when I'm not ready and something small and furry runs in front of her and she escapes. I have left her with my parents and friends but I miss her so much and constantly think if she's ok. I hate to see her ache, sometimes when she plays hard she walks rough so I'll give her a massage. It will be rough if ever I lose her, you see, before her - I was a cat person.