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male Gr. Dane

Favorite Activities:

Scooby thinks being chased by Gus Gus is one of the best things in the world, and cuddling with dad on the couch is wonderful, too. "I love my people." Gus Gus thinks chasing Scooby is one of the best things in the world. Learning that the chickens have accepted him as one of there own is also very exciting. Dad thinks "I'm a little off kilter" but loves me too! Mom says I have "super cuteness" in me!

What My Pet Means to Me:

I found out that Great Danes become very attached to their humans. They definitely are "Gentle Giants". He is the sweetest, most well behaved boy we have. Gus Gus is probably the strangest little guy I've ever had the pleasure of meeting(which makes me love him more). I love him even when he does something naughty! He DOES have "super cuteness" in him, and he will always need his mommie!