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male Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Favorite Activities:

Spencer and I used to do so much together. Before his hip displasia got too bad I would take him (well, the truth is he would take me) for walks around the lake a couple blocks away from our house. It was especially fun when we'd go up to my grandparents house, they have woods right behind their house so we would go in the woods when we went up there. We also would play with his retrieving dummies in our yard. Sometimes when I sat on the floor Spencer would fall asleep with his head on my lap. One of my favorite activities, though, is when we would sit there, his head would be on my knee, I'd be petting his head, and he'd be staring at me with so much trust and love in his eyes.

Favorite Memories:

I have so many good memories of my Pooky(a nickname that we used for Spencer). One is that when I was about three Spencer would nudge my door open and sit there waiting for me to get up, this didn't happen everyday but when it did I felt good. Another good memory is that Spencer and I were the best of friends. When I was 5 my parents would talk in a "Spencer voice" and pretend that he was talking to me. I knew that it wasn't actually him that was talking but it was something that we did. Whenever "Spencer" would call my name he'd call me Buddy Girl, that's where I got my email from. I don't have a favorite memory but a memory that's one of my favorites is when I 5-6 years old and my dad would put me on his back and I would ride him around the house, his tail would be waving like crazy and we both were having such a great time, I miss my best friend, but at least he's happy and out of pain now, that's my highest concern.